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  1. To foster creation of sustainable employment opportunities and amplify wealth creation for the people and businesses of Swaziland by investing in viable opportunities within Swaziland as well as outside;
  2. Foster and promote industrial and commercial development in Swaziland by providing development finance, co-financing and managing business infrastructure and participation in investment capital;
  3. Reinforce Foreign Direct Investment attraction by providing partnership, support and finance through equity and portfolio investment, joint ventures partnerships and loan financing in order to build confidence on the economy of Swaziland as a highly yielding investment location;
  4. To develop new investment sectors for the economy of Swaziland;
  5. To establish and champion Government’s corporate sector’s development mandate;
  6. To extract maximum value for existing and new government shares and stocks to through active partnership and efficient management of performance of the Investee companies where government through the Corporation invests in.


  1. Recruiting and retaining of a highly reputable team in the management;
  2. Fostering outstanding efficiencies in the Corporation’s associated portfolio investment interests;
  3. Supporting Good Corporate Governance principles among investee companies;
  4. Extracting optimal returns in invested funds for the Corporation.
“Bringing Change to Industries Using latest Engineering standards as a catalyst”